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FounderHQ is a new online community of entrepreneurs and the partners who support them! FounderHQ was first developed for hosting Startup Weekend events! Here are a few features of the platform you'll discover this weekend!​



FounderHQ is a community of, by, and for entrepreneurs and the people that support them.  Through our socal network and member directory, you can connect with talented professionals just like you!


Founders have lots of ideas for businesses.  Some are great, others need work, and most need to be abandoned for something better!  Our Idea Center helps you put your idea out there to get feedback or connect with mentors or possible co-founders. 


FounderHQ also provides virtual meeting rooms so you can quickly and easily meet with your team and get to work!  We have also larger-capacity virtual meeting rooms that are great for events, workshops and other types of meetings.  


FounderHQ was developed to be great at hosting virtual Startup Weekend events, but we are open to exploring ways we can support the needs of others in the startup ecosystem. This of us as a virtual co-working space that can provide space for people, teams, and events!  

features of the FounderhQ

Founder Social Network

Video Meeting Rooms

Member Directory

Idea Feedback Center

Collaborative Whiteboard

Google Docs Integration

Event Help Desk

Private Messaging

E-Learning Tools

Breakout Rooms